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Michelle Duff

From stolen rides on her brother’s bike to winning a motorcycle GP while competing against some of the greatest names from motorcycling’s “golden era,” Michelle Duff has experienced something very few people have ever done Story by Greg Williams Photos…

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Father Francis Ebner

Even in the bitter cold of winter, the motorcycle missionary was completely dedicated to helping those of Canada’s northern regions Story by Greg Williams NWT Archives/Henry Busse fonds/N-1979-052: 5180 Northern LIfe Museum and Cultural Centre Many Canadian motorcycle enthusiasts likely…

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Newfound Riders

A strong desire to ride a motorcycle led to the formation of the Newfound Riders and the Newfound Foundation to help less fortunate children Story by Greg Williams Photos courtesy of the Newfound Riders The first time Cliff Morgan saw…

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Roy Blakney

Even from his early days, Blakney had a knack for working with internal combustion engines Story by Greg Williams Images Courtesy of Roy Blakney Your Attitude Is Everything: Do as much as you can for as long as you can….

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Joe Bolger

Where he found necessity, invention and success soon followed Story by Greg Williams Images courtesy Joe Bolger When Joe Bolger’s older brother, Jack, returned to the family property near Richmond, Prince Edward Island, after the Second World War, he told…

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Atlantic Motorsport Park

It takes many volunteers and good connections to convert a forest to Eastern Canada’s premier road-race track Story by Greg Williams Photos: Robert Mann, John Clark, Dave Baker, Colin Fraser, Pat Doherty, John Kempster, Dave Munroe With the wind soughing…

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Manitoba Motorcycle Club

When a segment of society and a commonality of product come together, it usually means an organization of like-minded people is formed. And so it wasn’t long after the motorcycle was introduced to the masses that the Manitoba Motorcycle Club…

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Canadian legends Quebec – Jake DeRosier

A North American icon, claimed and honoured on both sides of the border Story by Greg Williams Photo courtesy of Brooklands Museum It would have taken boundless grit and determination to dominate the early world of motorcycle racing. Primitive tracks…

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