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January 1, 2008


custom built motorcycle out of Ontario Canada The 17th century writer Jonathan Swift stated, “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” The “KFM” (aka War Pig) pro street Softail is a combination of owner Ken Mabee’s vision, and the skills of the builders at Fred Hale Motors (FHM). Even before the build started, Kenny researched the subject thoroughly; he had a vision of how a motorcycle should look and he knew exactly how he wanted his bike to look. FHM took his vision and rode with it, figuring out the geometry needed to deliver Ken`s desired look and ride.

Once the build crew mocked-up the complete bike and mounted the tank and rear fender exactly where it had to be, the bike went to Ernie Ellis for the custom bodywork. “Ernie is a sheet metal artist.” Ted Hale says, “The body is all steel and perfectly symmetrical. He knows exactly how to manipulate the tin and he was able to make the body removable but have it look as if it’s one piece.”

Beyond achieving the desired look, the bike had to be not only rideable, but easily serviceable. The scratch built wiring harness features Deutsch connectors throughout. During service or even complete disassembly, no wire will ever need to be snipped, just unplugged. The handlebar switches use relays to reduce excessive current from being directed through the switch preventing premature wear or failure. It also allowed for the use of a smaller gauge wire that fit better inside the frame tubing. All lines and wires run inside handlebars and the frame wherever possible, including an internal throttle cable custom fit into a set of PM hand controls.

Serviceability goes further than just the wiring. The rear brake line runs from the master cylinder through the frame rail, but doesn’t run inside the swing arm. To make servicing the rear wheel easier, the rear brake line has a little extra length at the back and is held to the inside of the swing arm with a g-clamp, allowing the caliper to slide back about 6” when the rear wheel is removed. “This prevents the need to disconnect and re-bleed the brake line just to service the wheel.” Ted chuckles, “Knowing the owners habits, we figured that we’d be changing that back tire a lot”.

When the bike left the shop, it went with a computer generated custom wiring diagram and a collection of all the instruction sheets that came with every part, providing a good service manual. Should Ken see a change he wants to make or some accessories he wants to add, any information he may need will be right at his fingertips.

Custom Fabricated Motorcycle with cool paint jobEstablished in 1992, Fred Hale Motors is a 100% family owned and operated American V‑twin motorcycle store located in Pefferlaw, Ontario. FHM has an in‑stock selection of parts and accessories rivaling any shop in the country. “You usually don’t have to order out of a catalogue or hear about what we have access to,” Ted says. “Our products are on the walls, in stock and ready for installation.”

In addition to their well-stocked store, Fred Hale Motors has a large presence at all the major Toronto motorcycle shows. “So many people are impressed with the selection in our booth at the bike shows, when they come to the store they’re blown away,” said Fred Hale.

Fred Hale Motors also boasts a website (www.fredhalemotors.com) that features the country’s largest online selection of parts and accessories for American V-Twin motorcycles. Navigating the website is easy and the inventory is constantly changing, including blowout specials. When you’ve found what you like, you can purchase parts with confidence through an SSL certified secure server.

Their service depart-ment is staffed by trained technicians proud of their reputation of satisfying customers and competitive rates, whether they are performing oil changes or customizing and accessorizing a dream bike. FHM was definitely up to the task of building Ken’s vision, and they can take your own personal two-wheeled vision and turn it into a reality too.


Fred Hale Motors
29945 Highway 48
Pefferlaw, ON L0E 1N0
OWNER: Ken Mabee
BUILDER: Fred Hale Motors:
YEAR/MAKE/MODEL: ’08/Special Construction
BODYWORK: Ernie Ellis
BUILD TIME: 2 years

YEAR/TYPE/SIZE: ’06/Revtech 110” Polished
CARBURETOR: Mikuni 48mm
AIR CLEANER: D&M Custom Cycles
IGNITION: Revtech / Dynatech
EXHAUST: Vance & Hines Big Radius (Bracket by FHM)

YEAR/TYPE: ’06/Revtech 6 speed polished
PRIMARY DRIVE: Barnett Scorpion 3” w/ Outboard Bearing Support & lock up clutch

YEAR/TYPE: ’06/Maximum Metalworks Softail
RAKE: 42º
STRETCH: 4” Forward

FRONT: American Suspension Black Internal Brake Line
REAR SHOCKS: Progressive Suspension Chrome

BUILDER/SIZE: RC Components Royale 21×2.25”
TIRE/SIZE: Avon Venom 90/90-21
CALIPER: American Suspension Padlock
ROTOR: RC Components Royale

BUILDER/SIZER: RC Components Royale 18×8.5”
TIRE/SIZE: Avon Venom/250/40-18
CALIPER: Performance Machine
ROTOR: RC Components Royale

TWEEK BAR: Martin Bros.
REAR FENDER: Be Cool (highly modified)
FENDER STRUTS: One off machined & hidden
GAS TANK & CAP: Daytec
OIL TANK: Maximum Metalworks
GAUGES: Dakota Digital
HANDLEBARS: Rolling Thunder / Advanced Automotive & Machine
MIRRORS: Performance Machine Contour Black Ano
HAND CONTROLS: Performance Machine Contour Black Ano (modified for internal throttle)
FOOT CONTROLS: Performance Machine Contour Black Ano
FOOTPEGS: Performance Machine Contour Black Ano
TAILLIGHT: HiTech LED / Ernie Ellis
LICENSE MOUNT: Hi-Tech (modified)
SEAT: Brian Locke Complete Upholstery (pictured), Curtwood Custom (not pictured)
MACHINE WORK: Baumeister Machine

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