Barebone Choppers

from the issue Collector's Edition Two

Ontario, CANADA

one of Barebone Chopper's on display In just four short years Barebone Choppers has become known for the highest quality of workmanship and professionalism. From their 7500 sq. ft. facility just north of Barrie, Ontario, their central location is ideal for attracting many clients as they escape the city on their way to cottage country.

Craiger has 20 years experience in the motorcycle industry, but prior to that, his work was first appreciated by many hot rod enthusiasts. Shortly after purchasing his first Harley, a cherry 1986 Electra Glide Classic, which he still owns today, he realized he could fit a lot more bikes in his garage than hot rods, and that really sparked his interest.

Being influenced by his father, the late Bryan Sophie, Craiger was always taught that if you are going to do something; do it with pride, and do it right. A motto he still holds dear to his heart today. “My dad was where I got my hot rod blood from. I was barely 5-years-old when I started passing the wrench in our two car garage in Scarborough, Ontario–it was a ‘55 Chevy two-door Bel Air.”

Testing products thoroughly prior to installing on a customer’s bike is a top priority for Craiger and his business partner on the parts counter, Chris. Educating and offering their knowledge of quality products and procedures to their customers is something they feel very strongly about–a wise investment is an enjoyable one.

Engine of the Barebone ChopperThis super cool and fully functional head turning Pro-Street build for Doug Pollard gets ridden every sunny day. Doug was a great guy to deal with throughout this six-month build and for the most part, he gave me free reign and allowed me to put my heart and soul into it. “His only real requests were a Pro Street with 280 boot on the back, a headlight and exhaust.”

Keeping the lines as clean and tight as possible on this build was the most difficult and took 125 hours. Because Doug’s bike has air ride rear suspension and the fender is fixed to the frame, the toughest look to possibly achieve was making the oil tank, seat and rear fender all flow into the rear wheel regardless of where the suspension is set. This was done so the bike can be used for two-up riding. Not typical of a chopper but this being Doug’s only ride, he wanted it functional.

The air ride and oil pressure gauges built into the oil tank also adds to the flowing lines of this build. “On many occasions I have offered a $100.00 to anyone that can find the hiding place of the air compressors. I’m still up that $100.00,” Craiger boasts.

The trick looking passenger peg mounts were laser cut from stainless and are finished with the same cuts as the oil tank and fender.

Craiger admits that while six months is a long time for a custom build, it happened to be at a time when Barebone Choppers was moving shop to their current 7,500 sq. ft. facility, so to say they were sidetracked a few times during the build would be an understatement.

Barebone Choppers Inc.
8420 Hwy. 11 Orillia, ON L3V 6H3



Owner: Doug Pollard

Year: 2006 Pro-Street

Fabrication and Assembly: Barebone Choppers

Build Time: 125 Hrs

Paint: Derik From Paintwerks, Shelburne, ON, House of Kolor Copper Lightning Bolts

Engine: Crate Motor 120 Inch

Head Work: Stage III B by J-Precision with Port Matched Intake & 48 mm Mikuni Carb

Cam: Bob Woods Night Prowler 600 Lift

Ignition: Crane Hi-4

Pipes: Ness

Air Breather: Forcewinder Transmission 6-Speed

Primary: 3 Inch Open Belt B.D.L.

Frame And Swing Arm: Nasty-Boy

Rake: 37.5 degrees

Front Fork: H-D Accessory Inverted

Rear Suspension: Legend Air Ride

Wheels: Weld Polished

Rear: 280 Metzeler on 18×10.5

Front: 120 Metzeler on 21×3.5

Brakes: HHI Caliper Up Front Weld Pulley Brake In Rear

Oil Tank: Barebone Choppers

Fenders: B-Cool Customs-Blanks

Handle Bars: Scorpio – All Internal From Classic Steel

Taillight: Pro Fab Side Mount

Foot Controls: P.M. Contour

Seat Leather: Dave At Leather Works

Seat Base and Foam: Barebone Choppers

Electrical: Barebone Choppers


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