The Honda Valkyrie returns

November 21, 2013

Honda strips down the Gold Wing and reintroduces the Valkyrie.

Valkyrie_Blue_BeautyMany will remember the original Valkyrie, introduced in 1996. It was based on the Gold Wing and had a 1,520 cc horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine.

Its unique cruiser styling set it apart from anything else available in the day. Production ceased in 2003.

Honda made a surprise announcement yesterday that it is bringing back an all-new Valkyrie. The Valkyrie F6C uses the Gold Wing chassis and the latest, 1,832 cc version of the flat-six engine.

A new rear subframe lowers the rear end and seat height is  734 mm, falling between the F6B and the Gold Wing seat heights. Wheelbase has been lengthened to 1,707 mm from 1,690.

Wheel sizes are 17-inch in the rear and 19-inch up front, and tire sizes are 180/55 and 130/60 front and rear. Claimed curb weight is 341 kg, which is 44 kg lighter than the F6B and 76 kg lighter than the Gold Wing.

Fuel tank capacity is 23.5 litres, just 1.5 litres less than the Gold Wing. Brakes include slightly larger front discs and standard ABS. The braking system is not linked. The Valkyrie will be coming to Canada but pricing has not yet been released.

With such a drop in weight the Valkyrie F6C promises impressive acceleration, emphasized in the first video below. The second video is of an ad Honda ran when the original Valkyrie was introduced. We prefer the second video.


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  1. The original Valkyrie video demonstrates how a profeesional rider can make the most of the power and handling of a cruiser! I may not be inclined to “push” the big Honda this hard on a dirt road, but I sure can appreciate the potential it has over a burn out and hot run down a straight road as the new model video shows. Will be looking forward to seeing the new bike in person, hard to compete against the classic with the new model, but if anyone can do it Honda can!

  2. I bought a 1988 Goldwing new and now have 80,000 miles on it. I bought a 1998 valkrie new and have 17,000 miles on it. I still have both and wouldn’t sell either one. The valkrie is incredible to ride but I only use it within 150 miles of home. My wife only likes riding on the Goldwing because of the comfort so we use that for longer trips. The only maintenance on the Goldwing besides tires and brake pads was a new alternator, timing belt, and synthetic brake fluid four years ago. Maintenance on the valkrie has been non existent.

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