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Love the One You’re With

October 12, 2016
Motorcycle Riding in Alaska

Push your personal limits to see the world around you, regardless of the style of bike you ride

Story and Photos by Emily Roberts

Many people feel constrained by the type of riding they can do with their motorcycle, and with the vast spectrum of machines offered in today’s industry, it’s no doubt we consider some bikes to only offer one type of riding. I’ve always believed that the rider makes the bike, not the other way around; however, for some, this may not be the case in our modern riding world. I came to this realization through a conversation with another motorcyclist during a short motorcycle trip this past fall.
While on a ferry crossing the Columbia River in British Columbia, I scouted out the owner of the only other bike on board for some good two-wheeled conversation to help pass the time. It was a couple travelling on a Triumph Tiger 1050.

Don’t Get Pigeon-Holed

Motorcycle Riding in AlaskaAs we spoke about our motorcycles, along with how the passion of travel fuels us, I made a comment that the off-road excursions must be fantastic on the Tiger. The rider looked at me with an inquisitively surprised look and mentioned that he wouldn’t attempt any off-roading with his motorcycle. I looked at him with a sense of curiosity, as I had guessed that I’d done over 5,000 km of off-road riding on my 2009 Suzuki Gladius SFV650 this past season alone. When I told him this, he chuckled under his breath in disbelief that I would be able to ride off-road with my two-wheeled beauty. My little 650 sat there with slick street touring tires and no bash bars or any protection of any sort for the bike, which was splattered with mud from top to bottom. It was clear that he had assumed it would be out of its element riding anything other than smooth tarmac.

Igniting a Flame

Motorcycle Riding in AlaskaI think the motorcycle industry saw the initial spark of adventure touring with the 1979 release of Ted Simon’s book, Jupiter’s Travels. In it, Simon describes departing on the trip in 1973 and travelling through 45 countries on his 500 cc Triumph Tiger 100. It inspired both riders and non-riders alike to travel and look beyond the horizons that had been set by our society. In 2004, with the release of arguably the best-known motorcycle adventure story, Long Way Round, Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor again brought to light a new plane of existence in travel. They created a stunning and captivating show that would be watched by millions, again sparking the inspiration for riders and non-riders to push the boundaries of their travel. They also drastically shifted our views on what type of motorcycle should be ridden and how riders plan their travels. After the release of Long Way Round, BMW’s sales skyrocketed, and with the release of the R1200GS in 2004, the company saw the highest sales ever of one particular model. This ultimately shifted the…

2 Comment

  1. KTM blew that opertunity

  2. Great article Emily, enjoyed the read. I ride a NC700x manual. Although most of my riding is to different places and seeking out a nice slice of home-made PIE at some little Mom-Pop shop, I do enjoy riding my NC on and off road. With a little discernment, tires aired up or down appropriately for the conditions and the proper use of the throttle you can have an absolute blast seeing a lot more of what our two beautiful countries have to offer. There is no reason, at least i my mind, to fork out 15k-20k for a Bloat-a-cycle when the one you already have is plenty capable of the task at hand, IMHO. I purposely chose the Honda NC700x for it’s MPG, it’s low c.o.g., handling, ergonomics, maintenance free riding and mostly upright riding position. The 670cc engine and 6spd trans makes it a blast to ride! Over the many years that I have owned and ridden about 20 motorcycles, from trail to trials, from scooters to 1L bikes…. this is by far most favorite bike! The Honda NC700 not only delivers a comfortable and enjoyable ride, it is pretty spirited when you twist the wrist and carve some river/canyon roads. And all the while delivering MPG like no other bike i’ve seen or even heard of!

    So Emily, enjoy the many “Smiles-Per Gallon” and keep on writing great articles! See you on the road! :{)

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