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Celebrating 150 Years

June 7, 2017
Lake Louise

While Canada celebrates its 150-year milestone, we celebrate 15 years with a few excerpts from our many travel articles across this great country we proudly call home

Compiled by Glenn Roberts

There are a vast number of amazing roads to experience in Canada, and each possesses its own charm and challenges. In the east, you move from the breathtaking beauty of our Maritime roadways, as well as the less travelled ones leading to quaint fishing villages of Newfoundland, to the colourful red roads of Prince Edward Island and the charming roadside churches and architecture of days gone by in Quebec. As you travel farther west into Ontario, you can’t help but be impressed by the rugged scenery as you skirt Lake Superior. The landscape changes drastically upon your arrival in Manitoba, where the land eventually becomes wonderfully flat with a seemingly endless sky. Southern Saskatchewan is rife with beautiful, sweeping river valleys that are well worthy of a journey in themselves, and who cannot be impressed with the foothills and glorious Rockies as you pass through Alberta? Yes, the majestic Rockies are a wonderful site of grandeur and elegance. As you travel past, through, over – whatever the case may be, you are simply humbled and left awestruck at the sight of such a magnificent backdrop…

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