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The Next Supercharged Kawasaki

October 17, 2017
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Anyone who got the chance to ride Kawasaki’s supercharged H2 will tell you tales of its immense power and the hysterical sounds of its forced induction system chirping and whistling away beneath you. And now, Kawasaki appears set to unleash yet another supercharged steed on our public roads. According to the company’s statement below “be prepared for sport-touring to accelerate impressively and efficiently into its next exciting phase.” I’m pretty sure that means we’re getting a sport-tourer with a supercharger.

One thing you won’t often hear from H2 riders is glowing reviews about frugal fuel consumption, and that’s because most people – when given the opportunity to unleash that kind of mechanical mayhem – are unlikely to putt along in an attempt to stretch every last kilometre out of the H2’s tank. In reality, that supercharger can return gains in fuel economy – when it’s not being worked like a rented mule.

This next iteration of motorcycle will offer more of a balance between the inherent efficiency and performance of forced induction. And now here’s Kawasaki’s official statement, confirming what was just stated above – but with the signature charm and phrasing that could only come from the marketing department of a Japanese manufacturer.

Third iteration of Kawasaki’s unique supercharged family breaks cover.

Until now the Kawasaki supercharged story has been almost entirely performance focused. For 2018, Kawasaki will unveil a brand-new machine at the EICMA show on November 7 utilizing balanced supercharger technology to create even greater low to midrange pulling power.

While none of the exhilarating forced-induction performance feeling is missing, this unique power feeling is now joined by superior fuel economy and an overall riding feeling directed toward the sport-touring market.

Supercharge your journey with the only manufacturer that can deliver such a machine—be prepared for sport-touring to accelerate impressively and efficiently into its next exciting phase.

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  1. Having built such performance sport tourers in my day ( turbo charged Z-1 ; nos GS-1100 ) , I look forward to seeing what Team Green will produce next year. It’s about having the power when you want it, but being able to use the machine for actually just riding around without wearing it out real fast. The turbo was perfect for me with over 50 thousand miles on it before going back into the motor. I still have that bike, 42 years later, although I’ve dropped the turbo system now.

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