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October 17, 2018

Central Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountain Range takes us by surprise

Story and Photos by Jamie Elvidge

I wasn’t looking for love when I rode up into Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountain Range last summer. I wasn’t looking for late night s’mores, the perfect campsite or the clearest night skies I can remember. And I definitely wasn’t fantasizing about making new friends or creating lasting memories. I had absolutely no clue I was about to become enchanted by a green splash on the map I’d intended to ride straight through, or that I would end up spending almost a week traversing it instead of a single afternoon.

But that’s exactly what happened when I rode up out of the heat of southern Idaho’s monotonous plains and into the majestic Sawtooth National Forest. I’d been on my way north to revisit what I believed at the time to be Idaho’s best motorcycle ride, the 450 km International Selkirk Loop, which encircles the Selkirk Mountains shared by northern Idaho and Alberta. I didn’t make it that far.

Deer Statue in IdahoThe love affair began with pure drama. I’d just departed the sparkly ski town of Sun Valley on U.S. 75, feeling dusty and half-delirious from riding for a couple of days in intense Nevada heat, when a massive thunderhead trundled across the sky ahead of me. As I rode closer to the deafening rumble, the road began to tighten and twist as it scrambled up into steep mountains now darkened by the storm. And then the rain met me, hard and cleansing and smelling of cooled heat and life. I was so intoxicated by the sudden thrill and force of this energy, my breath caught and eyes stung with tears.

And then suddenly I shot out the other side of the thick, dark curtain of rain and found myself riding through shafts of sunlight and steam as thick as smoke rising from the shimmering road. I stopped at a pullout just over Galena Summit to catch my breath and gaze down into a long, grassy-green valley fringed by mountains as steep and jagged as shark’s teeth. Or the teeth of a saw. The Sawtooth Range. Aah.

You’d think that moment was the pinnacle of my Sawtooth experience, but no, it was only the very beginning of a very long, slow and extremely satisfying stopover.

Happy Campers

I was so jarred by the beauty of this river valley and its surrounding mountains I decided to slow down and explore a bit, taking side roads here and there, making notes about which of the many cabins and campgrounds seemed coolest, but never considering a spontaneous stay, because the only thing more obvious than this area’s beauty was its popularity, especially on a midsummer weekend.

Wooden Lodge in IdahoI parked the bike and took off my helmet at the tent-only Alturas Lake campground just to have a peek at the lake and use the loo. As an afterthought, I decided to walk the small trail that loops through the campground. As I was walking past one of the occupied sites, averting my eyes as the best of us do, I heard a voice ask, “Are you looking for a campsite?”

I looked over to see a cheerful couple draped in camp chairs and smiling brightly at me despite my unseemly full-gear appearance. They explained that a big family had prematurely departed from the campsite in the woods beyond their own, because their kids had been unmanageable. “They decided to pack it in,” they told me, and I could tell from their smiles they were super happy these kids had been cleared out. “We’re riders,” they said. “When we heard the motorcycle pull in, we both agreed a biker would be a nice neighbour.” And then, as if I needed encouragement, they added, “And it’s already been paid for.”

And just like that, I had an ideal lakeside campsite, just the right amount of trees away from fun fellow riders Teresa and Kelly Shively of nearby Boise, Idaho, who, in addition to clueing me in about the vacant tent site, yielded the inside story about the area’s history and secrets, including its best motorcycle roads.  

Solace Among the Saw’s Teeth

Motorcycle Riding on a Highway in IdahoThere are times when you’re travelling by motorcycle when you don’t know you’re dog-tired until you slow down. I’d been on the bike for weeks by the time I rode into Idaho, and while my mind had been enlivened by the journey, my body was spent. Over the next few days, I discovered an array of kinks and sore corners and sorted them out; I hiked and swam and ate and rode around each afternoon with a huge smile on my face.   

With my tent and other camping gear off the back seat of the Indian Roadmaster I was testing, there was now plenty of room to bungee on the neon green raft I bought in town. I took the raft to all the lakes in the area and launched it from every beach, including one night floating on Redfish Lake, the terminus of the longest Pacific sockeye salmon migration in North America, until my teeth began to chatter. The entire Sawtooth Range is within the Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve, one…

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