Motorcycle Show

Everyone’s Invited

December 19, 2018

A monthly motorcycle social event that’s spreading to all the coolest cities.

Story by David G. Williams

Photos by: David G. Williams and Warren Fenton

On a warm August night in Vancouver, I back my bike against the curb by an ice cream shop and shut down the engine. I managed to squeeze into a space, along with more than 100 other bikes lining both sides of the street. I’m greeted by Warren Fenton, one of the Vancouver hosts. He tries to greet everyone, makes introductions to be sure everyone meets someone new, takes photos and posts them to Instagram. “This isn’t shop-ride oriented, so we don’t have any ride worries. It’s strictly for people to meet new people, make new friends and talk,” Fenton explains.
Riders arrive on everything from scooters and vintage rides to current street bikes and mini-bikes and even a sidecar outfit with a dog in it. I meet Dave with his 1966 Tiger 500 that looks virtually new. We talk about his experience buying it from an old guy on Vancouver Island who was a machinist. “The drum brakes are pretty good,” Dave says. “I just leave lots of room.” We talk for a bit more before moving on to meet other riders. This is #TheMotoSocial.

If you live in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Hamburg, Budapest, Cape Town or Aukland, you could be attending a MotoSocial, hang with cool bike lovers, drink coffee or eat ice cream and ogle bikes. But primarily, the idea is to just connect as friends. And even if you don’t live in one of these cities, the way this thing is spreading, it could be in your town by the time you read this. You could even be a host.

Humble Beginnings

Motorcycles at the Moto SocialIt started quite simply. Back in 2013, Viktor Radics of Toronto and his bride, Samantha had an idea. “Wouldn’t it be nice to have an event during which riders of all stripes and brands could just hang, talk and get to know each other?”

Their goal was to help people connect with one another and to help everyone feel more at home and connected in their city – to make Toronto feel more intimate and to solidify the community of riders. Using motorcycles as the glue, the idea was to bring people together in person with these three basic principles: Everyone is welcome, everyone is invited and everyone is included.
And Viktor and Sam have worked…

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