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Canadian Debut of the Yamaha Niken GT New three-wheeled Motorcycle

January 11, 2019

Canadian motorcycle enthusiasts can get up-close and personal with Yamaha’s revolutionary NIKEN GT, featuring innovative Leaning Multi-Wheel technology, at The Motorcycle Shows across Canada. 

The Niken GT combines Yamaha’s new Leaning Multi-Wheel platform with touring conveniences like heated grips, standard 25-litre side cases, a touring seat and a tall windscreen. Utilizing Ackerman geometry, twin 15-inch front wheels and an adjustable, dual-upside-down fork.

The Niken concept was designed to deliver an amazing corner-carving experience and offer elevated rider confidence in all conditions. The contact patch of the NIKEN GT produces a higher level of front-end grip (compared to a conventional motorcycle) that is particularly noticeable during cornering and braking. Deep lean angles up to 45 degrees are achievable, a direct result of the stability and technology of the LMW system. Truly, the Niken GT’s unique and dynamic characteristics make it feel and handle like no other motorcycle.

Visitors to The Motorcycle Shows this season will be able to sit on the NIKEN GT and closely inspect the Leaning Multi-Wheel setup.

NIKEN GT Key Features

  • High windscreen
  • Comfort seats
  • Heated grips
  • Semi-soft 25-litre ABS side cases
  • Rear carrier base with passenger grip
  • Main stand
  • Second 12v DC outlet
  • Radical, bold and unique 3-wheel design
  • Advanced leaning multi-wheel technology
  • Deep lean angle, maximum 45 degrees
  • Fully adjustable rear suspension
  • 847 cc, 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC CP3 engine
  • TCS, QSS, A&S clutch, D-MODE, Cruise Control
  • Hybrid steel/aluminium frame

You can spot the unique machine at the Edmonton, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto and Quebec City Motorcycle shows in the Yamaha area. The new NIKEN GT comes with an MSRP of $20,999. An early deposit program is available for those who want to be among the first to own this revolutionary three-wheeled sport tourer. For more information, visit



2 Comment

  1. Came across a rumour that Yamaha, Michelin and the Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival are getting together to build an Arctic ice motorcycle that’s going to be in some movie near the north pole.

    Most interestingly, the basis for this tracked ice bike is the new Yamaha Niken! Woah!

    Do you have any news on this coming up?

    • Funny you should ask. Just saw on Oliver Solaro’s Facebook something like that might be in the works? He’s been known to pilot some crazy machines to crazy places.

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