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Women Riders World Relay in Canada

September 16, 2019

September 14th marked the start of the Women Riders World Relay (WRWR) in Canada.

The WRWR was created in late August 2018, with the goal of completing what would be the largest international motorcycle relay ever done, and all with women riders. The WRWR started on February 27, 2019, and has currently travelled through 53 countries, with another 28 planned through the coming months.

The first day of their Canadian route lead 63 women from Vancouver to Revelstoke. This concluded the first two legs of the relay Vancouver to Kamloops, then Kamloops to Revelstoke. The WRWR stayed in Revelstoke for the night before departing for Calgary on the 15th and Calgary to Moose Jaw on the 16th. The women arrived in Revelstoke with a strong feeling of achievement and camaraderie to fellow riders and people who’ve supported them through the first day of the Canadian Relay. One recalled locals lining the streets through towns, cheering them on with homemade signs to show their support.

The WRWR plans to ride across Canada and end in St. Stephen, NB on September 24th, then starts their portion of the US Relay. You can find their Canadian route here ( and follow along on this unique ride. They currently have 19,007 members around the world and are growing daily. Their vision: “To be the global “eye-openers” of women in Motorsport.”

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  1. New Brunswick isn’t. across Canada

    • Hello L.Davis,
      We realize that it isn’t quite coast to coast Canada but because he does cover a very fair portion of the country we felt that across Canada was a good description of it.
      Motorcycle Mojo

  2. Awesome to be a part of this epic ride and showing up in the first picture in my yellow rain gear

    • Hi Kate,

      That’s awesome! It seemed like a fantastic crew of ladies. It’s great to see this happening.

  3. Imagine how one person’s idea can unite women across the world and create such excitement, and new bonds of friendship for all of us riding and those who are supporting us along our journey! It’s a huge thrill for me to be a part of all this.

  4. I had the pleasure of riding the Revelstoke to Çalgary leg and even had the honour is carrying the baton for one portion – empowering and a day I will cherish forever! Proud to be a Canadian female rider!

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