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Triumph announces the 2020 Tiger 900

December 12, 2019
We’ve all been hearing about it, Triumph’s newest addition to the Tiger line-up – the Tiger 900. For 2020 we can expect to see the all-new, in-line 3-cylinder 900 cc (888 cc) engine, in three main models ranging from long-distance touring to technically off-road spec’d machines. 

The Tiger 900 has been designed for urban adventure, commuting and touring. The Tiger 900 offers two different ride modes and a performance based road-focused ride. The Tiger 900 will be the base model for the new generation and is set to be priced starting at $12,500. The re-designed Tiger has a new chassis and engine producing 70 kW (93.9 hp) at 8,750 rpm.  Triumph will also offer a Tiger 900 GT, GT Pro and GT Low with a heavy focus on on-road touring. The GT Low is somewhat self-explanatory with it being the lowered version of the GT. The GT has an adjustable seat height of 810-830 mm while the GT Low will offer comfort for those with a height disadvantage at 760-780mm seat height. 

Tiger 900 Rally 

The Tiger 900 Rally and Rally Pro claim to be capable of maximum off-road adventure while offering all-road comfort and style. Building on the GT’s long-distance comfort, the Rally range will have advanced focus off-road with dual-purpose spoked wheels, ABS and traction control along with full-adjustable Showa off-road suspension. The rally will offer four unique ride modes. Taking the 900 Rally one step further is the Rally Pro, with Triumph’s shift assist quickshift and six riding modes while still holding the focus on off-road riding.

 As mentioned earlier we have only received pricing confirmation on the Tiger 900 starting at $12,500 but we hope to see pricing for the other 2020 models by early January. We also expect to see the bike hitting market in the first quarter of the 2020 year.

You can have a look at the all-new Tiger line-up on Triumph’s website here.



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