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Neil Peart passed away after a long fight with brain cancer.

January 16, 2020

We’re saddened by the news of Neil Peart passing away Tuesday, January 7th. Neil was an avid motorcyclist and considered to be one of the most talented drummers within rock. After a long fight with brain cancer Neil left us on January 7th,2020.
We suggest you throw on your favourite Rush album, pull out one of the amazing books Neil has written about his motorcycle travels and relish in this Canadian legend.


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  1. Jacob Moon, a Hamilton musician with ties to Rush, has suggested we all donate $21.12 to the Canadian Cancer Society. A fitting tribute.

    • That’s a great idea Jeff!
      We will mention that on our Facebook as well. Thanks for letting us know

  2. What a fitting tribute. I was blown away hearing of his passing.

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