Going stir crazy in isolation? Get your motorcycle adventure video fix.

May 12 2020

When you can’t get to Horizons Unlimited, Horizons unlimited will come to you!

You can stream for free a featured chapter from the Horizons Unlimited Achievable Dream Motorcycle Adventure travel Guide video series on Vimeo.

Every Friday, Horizons Unlimited switch things up with a different chapter streamed for free for the week 15 chapters, 15 weeks of free viewing.

If you’re new to adventure biking this video series is a perfect way to get started with insights, tips, and stories from hundreds of fellow travellers who shared their experiences on these videos, and help you plan your coming trip! The next 15 weeks is like an adventure: you never know what you’re gonna get. And it all kicks off with one of the five chapters in “ON THE ROAD!” 

Even if you’re experienced it’s wonderful hearing from fellow travellers, their tale and their stories.

Watch the free episode here!

Horizons unlimited is also offering all 15 chapters of the HU Achievable Dream Guide are 50% off for 15 weeks (until Friday, July 31st)! Now you can get any or all chapters at half-price anytime you want until the last featured chapter wraps up on July 31st. Get the info and discount code here. 

Follow this link and Click on the free button next to the episode to view


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