Deus and Zero motorcycles partner for a custom SR/S

October 9 2020

Zero Motorcycles and Deus ex Machina have joined forces to create the first fully customized Zero Motorcycles SR/S. This machine features old and new styling and marks a significant landmark as Deus’ first electric motorcycle and the last Deus build by the iconic custom fabricator, Michael “Woolie” Woolaway. 

 The SR/S was introduced in February and immediately garnered accolades for its elevated design and extended range over its naked street bike sibling, the Zero SR/F.

Woolie Commented “So the zero bike build is the first electric motorcycle I’ve ever been involved with on any level. And I have always been intrigued. And when I saw them, when I met the guys out at Pike’s Peak, and really sorta got a good look at the bike. I thought, you know, man, that bike is the perfect platform to build something with because there’s no gas tank really. And there’s this trellis frame that’s beautiful and everything else comes off and there’s nothing there. So in my mind quietly, I was thinking, you know, I’d love to do something with that bike because it’s a blank sheet of paper.”


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