KTM has announced the search for the “Ultimate Duke Rider”

November 25 2020

If your own a Duke, more specifically a 1290 Super Duke R, you should be posting your best Duke photos to get your chance to be the Ultimate Duke Rider.

If you think you are DUKE enough, there are three easy steps that can lead you to the finish line:

Go to KTM.com and fill out the contest form

Post some photos or videos on your social media starting your caption with “I’m the #UltimateDukeRider because…”

Make good use of the hashtags so KTM can find you – #UltimateDukeRider #GetDuked

The winners will receive*:

Exclusive, personalized KTM PowerWear

A dedicated feature on KTM.com telling the world your story

A private visit to the inner sanctum at KTM HQ

A track day experience with some racing legends

And more

*All prizes will be subject to availabilities, racing activities’ schedule and travelling possibilities.

In KTM’s words “It’s not enough to simply ride a DUKE – you have to wrestle with it into submission.”

If you’d like to know more about the Ultimate Duke Rider contest, check out KTM.com for more information and keep an eye out on KTM’s social media channels for updates.

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