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Relaxing from Motorcycle Travel by a River

Making the Most of Limited Finances

A master class in making your dreams come true. Story and Photos by Steph Jeavons How much does it really cost to travel the world by motorcycle? How long is a piece of string? A wise person once said, “Work…

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Paradise in the Pyrenees

Exploring the quiet roads of Catalonia on BMW’s new G310GS Story by Jamie Elvidge Photos by Markus Jahn Spain. It’s one of the seductive countries, right up there with Brazil and Italy, beckoning travellers with its romantic culture and rugged…

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The Town of Peel

Beyond the TT Course

A father and son leave racing behind to explore the pocketbook-sized country. Story by Alan Cathcart Photos by Kyoichi Nakamura The first Tourist Trophy race was held 110 years ago on the Isle of Man – a small, oval-shaped island…

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Arriving At a Lake Near Leh, India

Atop the World

Culture shock, extreme heat, landslides and rush hours that include elephants can be utter chaos, but this rider wouldn’t have it any other way Story and Photos by Steph Jeavons It’s not as though it were an aggressive crowd –just…

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Excellent Sunrise in Mexico

Monkey Business in Baja

If you want to be free, all you have to do is let go. Story by Lisa Morris Photos by Jason Spafford Anyone who knows me well knows that the thought of sand riding sends shivers down my spine. It…

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Bordering on Confusion

Once you understand the game of crossing Central America’s borders, it can, oddly enough, become an enjoyable experience Story and Photos by Kevin Chow What does a round-the-world motorcycle trip look like? It can look very different to any motorcyclist…

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The Beaches in South Florida

Living the Frugal Dream

Sometimes it takes a different perspective to see clearly. Story and Photos by Jeff Davison “Do you take that bike off-road? I see you have the tires for it.” I turned to see a bearded twenty-something following me out of…

No Comments / 243 View / October 4, 2017

Peaceful Lake in Nevada

The Big Empty

America’s “Loneliest Road” is also one of its loveliest Story and Photos by  Jamie Elvidge U.S. Route 50 runs all the way from Ocean City, Maryland, to Sacramento, California, but it’s the section that bisects Nevada that is by far…

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