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The Bridge Too Far

Planning a back-road ride might be best left until after the spring runoff Story and Photos by Keith Baric Embarking on an adventure ride in early spring in the interior of British Columbia is somewhat of a gamble. Depending on…

No Comments / 256 View / April 11, 2018

Riding along the roads of Vermont

Upstate Frame of Mind

A long-awaited ride in northern New York and Vermont states left this rider realizing he was in a motorcyclist’s paradise Story and Photos by Jeff Davison Despite living 10 minutes from the U.S. border, I had never explored northern New…

No Comments / 129 View / April 11, 2018


Motorcycles, Guns & Beer

The full Texas experience Story by Misti Hurst I mean seriously, can it get any better? I thought to myself while dirt riding, shooting guns and drinking beer at the Texas Tornado Boot Camp. I laughed and crashed, dirtier and…

No Comments / 146 View / March 14, 2018


Sandhills Surprise

Yes, Virginia, there are great motorcycle roads in Nebraska Story and Photos by Jamie Elvidge Okay, so Nebraska wasn’t high on my list of motorcycle destinations either, but research for a book I’m writing about America’s greatest roads required I…

No Comments / 69 View / March 14, 2018


The Road to Nakusp

A history lesson of sorts led to a change of plans for this rider. Story and Photos by Trevor Marc Hughes I had been riding my BMW F650GS for four hours by the time I glimpsed Old Hedley Road. The…

No Comments / 54 View / March 14, 2018


Riding The Berkshires

Berkshire County offers fantastic roads for the motorcyclist and a rich past for the history buff Story by: Ron Keys Photos by Ron Keys and Berkshire Tourism The Massachusett people, meaning “by the range of hills,” roamed these valleys, flanked…

No Comments / 118 View / March 14, 2018


Navigating the White Mountains

Just keep looking where you want to go Story and Photos by Jeff Davison I had been looking at maps of New Hampshire all winter, so it should come as no surprise that by mid-July I would find myself here….

No Comments / 182 View / February 14, 2018


Remembering the Canadian GP

History repeats as a few of the original racers and some of the actual motorcycles take to the track at the 50th anniversary celebration of Canada’s only motorcycle Grand Prix Story by Alan Cathcart Photos by: Bill Petro, Colin Fraser…

No Comments / 191 View / February 14, 2018

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