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Unknown Territory

It’s not so much the destination, but the journey that makes a great road trip. Story by Bill Gedye Photos by Bill Gedye and Bruce Carter It all started out, as most road trips do, with a gaggle of riders…

1 Comment / 232 View / August 22, 2018


The Wonders of West Texas

Whether you’re looking for paved elevation changes or dirt tracks, fine restaurants or barbecue, the Big Bend area has all that and so much more to satisfy your soul Story and Photos by Jamie Elvidge “Texas is a state of…

No Comments / 137 View / August 22, 2018


Spirit of the South

An impromptu gossip fest with coffee shop locals, an apparition in a cemetery and fantastic winding roads make for a great few days in Georgia. Story and Photos by Jeff Davison   The first indication that I was entering the…

2 Comments / 196 View / July 4, 2018


19 Secrets of California’s Southern Pacific Coast Highway

It pays to listen to those who know, and where can you get better advice if not from someone who has visited these secrets locales many times? Story and Photos by Jamie Elvidge California’s southern Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) is…

No Comments / 303 View / July 4, 2018


New Beginnings

A road trip to New Mexico reveals snow-white dunes and a city of rocks. Story by Lisa Morris Photos by Jason Spafford “I really don’t want to go.” Pouting, I tried to internalize an unnecessary degree of petulance. Dispensing our…

No Comments / 343 View / June 6, 2018


The Middle of Nowhere

Three friends and three bikes in the rugged remoteness of Alaska. Could it get any better? Story and Photos by Becky Goebel Imagine you had three dream bikes in Alaska with your two best friends for 10 days. That was…

No Comments / 216 View / June 6, 2018


Oil & Water

Powerful rivers flow through this area of North America’s first oil boom Story and Photos by Ron Keys The highway widens into four lanes as the steady kathump kathump kathump of the cemented road pulsates through my handlebars. Approaching Bradford,…

No Comments / 140 View / May 9, 2018


Where Roads Converge

A change of plans leads to an almost-forgotten highway Story and Photos by Trevor Marc Hughes It was a sunny Sunday. There were many other motorcyclists passing in the other direction. Friendly waves were visible as they rumbled past me…

No Comments / 78 View / May 9, 2018

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