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Hop On/Hop Off Tour

Even against medical advice, this couple realizes that you should never underestimate the healing powers of a good motorcycle ride. Story and Photos by: Curtis and Karen Nickel No one likes to cancel a planned transcontinental motorcycle tour. Vacation dates…

2 Comments / 240 View / March 11, 2020

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

Using Penticton as a home base, it’s easy to get lost in the magic of British Columbia’s Southern Interior Story and Photos by Emily Roberts A midst the lush coniferous forests and towering rock formations of the Interior of British…

1 Comment / 32 View / February 5, 2020

Evangeline of New Scotland

Discovering Nova Scotia’s western shore on the Bay of Fundy Story and Photos by Ron Keys Smooth as silk, the Fundy Rose ferry’s captain slides the ship into dock next to the Digby fishing fleet. This picturesque harbour town, originally…

No Comments / 273 View / December 11, 2019

Riding Ontario’s Highlands

Two hundred years of history, four loops and one nerve-rattling near miss Story and Photos by John Lewis In Ontario’s early days, a river driver had to be quick-witted and agile, as even a moment’s inattention could cost him his…

5 Comments / 71 View / December 11, 2019

Twisty Roads and Ferry Rides

Some amazing scenery and riding experiences during a long-awaited ride across Vancouver Island and through the interior of British Columbia Story and Photos by Brent Larose My trip was almost cancelled before it began. Patches of snow were scattered along…

No Comments / 307 View / December 11, 2019

Magnificence on a Motorbike

Traversing Vietnam’s phenomenal landscapes and peeking into history Story and Photos by Chris Manor We had ridden on serpentine mountain roads for most of the day after leaving Cat Tien National Park, about 150 kilometres north of Ho Chi Minh…

No Comments / 69 View / November 5, 2019

Kaleidoscope of Colour

The vibrant colours and pungent smells assault the senses, but more important, this riding trip helped to transform the lives of destitute children Story by Misti Hurst Photos by Misti Hurst and @inmist Arriving in Nepal is like being thrust…

No Comments / 58 View / November 5, 2019

Magical Landscapes

This remote region offers the motorcycle traveller some of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes and the friendliest, most accommodating people. Story by Paddy Tyson  Photos by Paddy Tyson & Brenda Cannon I looked across at Brenda with questioning eyes. “Does…

No Comments / 103 View / November 5, 2019

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