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Feature Bike/ British Invasion

“I’m just some donkey who lives in the middle of nowhere. If I can do it, anyone can.” Damned if those aren’t words to live by. Chris Kelly has a way with words – and with old Triumphs

No Comments / 210 View / July 1, 2014

Feature Bike

Feature Bike/InThane

Story by Marcus Martellacci Photos by Paul Van Elsberg As you’d expect, there are a few bike nuts around the Mojo office, and quite often, our conversations revolve around stuff we’d like to build for ourselves. A common theme has…

No Comments / 1053 View / June 1, 2014

May Featured Bike

Feature Bike/Street Survivor

Story by Marcus Martellacci Photos by Jeff Dawkins The distant memories that solidified our love for motorcycling occasionally creep back into the forefront of our minds. They stir our passion and transport us back to the very moment as no…

No Comments / 197 View / May 1, 2014

Panhandler Featured Bike

Feature Bike

Story by Marcus Martellacci Photos by Jeremy Woolsey Panhandling is a crime in some places. Particularly at big bike shows, where the length of your front fork has at times been related to the number of trophies in your case….

No Comments / 401 View / April 1, 2014

Honda CB750

A Different Kind of Honda Dream

Story by Glenn Roberts Photos by Kurt Knock It’s funny what some people will do when a challenge is put in front of them. Case in point: Fred Belanger was prompted by a friend to build a bike for a…

6 Comments / 4217 View / March 1, 2014

Feature Bike


Story by Glenn Roberts / photos by Jeff Dawkins Ray Roberts (no relation) has a history of buying, restoring, riding and selling specialized motorcycles. His latest acquisition came to him after some discussion with a gentleman at Canadian Tire Motorsport…

No Comments / 2484 View / January 1, 2014

Lucille Featured Bike


Story by Glenn Roberts / photos by Tracy Conrad The story of Lucille is long and complicated. It all started about a decade ago, shortly after Brent and Derek Law started Cycle Boyz in Brandon, Manitoba. Brent sold his Shovelhead…

No Comments / 902 View / November 1, 2013

01 Feature Bike Motorcycle Mojo SeptOct2013

Bagger 2.0

Story and photos by Glenn Roberts A few years ago, Brad Watson rode away from Barrie Harley-Davidson early on a Friday afternoon on his brand-new 2009 Street Glide. By 6:00 p.m., he had it stripped to the frame. The end…

No Comments / 311 View / September 1, 2013

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