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La Rata

La Rata

Story by Glenn Roberts Photos by Jeff Stephenson   As I enter through the front door of Julio Mena’s shop, I realize just how resourceful and self-sufficient this artist is. A milling machine is on my left, and a large…

Comments Off on La Rata / 599 View / June 1, 2013

Lucid Kustoms CB450

Lucid CB450

Story by Glenn Roberts Photos by Dan Bannister Photography Lucid Kustoms began like so many other shops, as a hobby in a garage. Some hobbyists expand by continually building a larger customer base; some are content puttering away in the…

Comments Off on Lucid CB450 / 1836 View / May 1, 2013

Spped Bike Goldammer

Rubbing Salt in the Wounds

Story by Marissa Baecker / Photos by Marissa Baecker and Kevin Dionne Everyone has a skeleton in the closet, and in the case of world-champion, custom bike builder Roger Goldammer, they come in the form of raw metal frames, hand-fabricated gas tanks…

Comments Off on Rubbing Salt in the Wounds / 423 View / May 1, 2013

Silver Goldwing Bobber

A Tale of Three Wings

In today’s throwaway society, it’s nice to know that some people care enough to resurrect a past icon, even if it no longer resembles the original. It’s just nice to keep people guessing. Tad McKillop’s Bobber Wing Story and photos…

Comments Off on A Tale of Three Wings / 5632 View / March 1, 2013

Featured Bike the Rooke

The Rooke Bike

Story and photos by Glenn Roberts As I pull into Dave Germaine’s driveway, I notice the exterior of his shop is painted in earth colours so as to better blend in with the grey leafless hardwood forest that surrounds his…

Comments Off on The Rooke Bike / 1468 View / March 1, 2013

Featured Bike

Black Panther

Story and photos by Glenn Roberts It is rare for a bike that has survived for 60 years to have been kept in its original, pristine condition. The more often a motorcycles changes hands, the more it gets modified, as…

Comments Off on Black Panther / 922 View / January 1, 2013

Altered Ego

Altered Ego

Dec 2012 feature bike This bike began as a pair of black wheels and an idea that perhaps a long-forgotten 1997 Buell S1 engine could be rescued and put into action. The wheels were offered to Angelo De Angelis for…

Comments Off on Altered Ego / 553 View / December 1, 2012

Gasser Customs

Stella Feature Bike

Adam Gaspic: Gasser Customs Buy-and-sell Internet sites can be a wonderful resource when looking for a project – if you’re willing to wade through the crap. And then again, sometimes it’s the misaligned and decrepit that turns out to be…

Comments Off on Stella Feature Bike / 138 View / November 1, 2012

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