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Eclectic Moto

Using myriad parts from various manufacturers and a ton of handmade pieces, this 40-year-old Honda truly is a one-of-a-kind modern machine. Story by: Greg Williams Photos by: Bob Klemenchuk Take a bit of Ducati, a dab of Triumph and a smidge…

No Comments / 128 View / March 11, 2020

Were the Odds Stacked Against Me?

Not all helmets are created equal and you may have to dig deep to find the proper sizing advice Story and Photos by: John Lewis It was June, sunny and 22 C. The midafternoon breeze gently nudged the pillowy white…

2 Comments / 305 View / March 11, 2020

A New Addiction

What else do you do with four kilometres of perfectly smooth aircraft landing strip and a seriously fast motorcycle? You attempt to break a land speed record, of course. Story by: Shane Scott Photos by: Stacy Robey, Mike Breen and…

1 Comment / 96 View / February 26, 2020

Harold’s Legacy

Growing up with motorcycles set many milestones in this youngster’s life Story and Photos by Don Querido I guess that most of us have milestones in our lives pinpointing significant times of excitement or happiness. The arrival of my Uncle…

No Comments / 121 View / February 5, 2020

Gaining a New Skill Set

Even an experienced rider can learn new tricks. Story by Misti Hurst Photos by: Pacific Riding School Mark Kruger has the nickname Kramer for a reason: tall, lanky and quirky – he describes himself as a “scrawny guy, a little bit…

No Comments / 99 View / February 5, 2020

Looks Like Fun

The anatomy of what happens when a mountain-bike rider builds a custom street motorcycle with attitude. Story by Greg Williams Photos by: Brendan Stephens Photography Mountain bikes are cool. From the top of a hill, gravity pulls a rider at…

No Comments / 183 View / February 5, 2020

Backyard Builders

Even though you may make a few mistakes, all you really need is a desire to dig in, learn as you go and then ride away on something you’ve built yourself. Story by David G. Williams There are special people…

No Comments / 11 View / February 5, 2020

Back to Basics Motocross

This grassroots track has been running for many years and caters to all skill levels, including those of children Story and Photos by Misti Hurst Just off of Highway 99 between Whistler and Pemberton, B.C., is a little gem of…

No Comments / 12 View / December 11, 2019

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