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Walt Healy

Forever an enthusiast, entrepreneur and champion of all things motorcycling Story by Greg Williams Photos courtesy the Walt Healy collection, Brian Lawrence, John Dean and Greg Williams Walt Healy championed motorcycling. It didn’t matter what brand you favoured, how big…

5 Comments / 671 View / March 16, 2016

Honda Flat Track Canada

Backing It In

Learning to slide around corners isn’t easy, but it sure is fun trying Story by Glenn Roberts Photos by Bill Petro I enjoy getting out and playing in the dirt and on bush trails as much as I like street…

No Comments / 343 View / March 16, 2016

Concours d’Elegance Show

Opulence Epitomized

With motorcycles crashing the party for the first time, it was bound to be the best event yet Story and photos by Marcus Martellacci Its very name conjures opulent images of gentlemen in plaid tweed and ladies sipping champagne beneath…

No Comments / 290 View / February 17, 2016

Triumph motorcycle

Ghost in the Machine

Keeping tabs on the first in a long line Story by Greg Williams Photos by Amee Reehal Chasing ghosts. That’s all any of us are really doing – at least, those with an interest in old motorcycles. Perhaps it’s the…

3 Comments / 2367 View / November 1, 2015


Your Ticket to Ride

“Ride before you buy” has never been easier Story by Marcus Martellacci Photos by Marcus Martellacci and Martin van der Staay “We’d just like to thank everybody once again for coming out early this morning and also remind you all…

No Comments / 106 View / September 1, 2015


Taking on the World

At age 57, it takes some grande cojones to compete in rallies around the world against the very best off-road riders, but a simple thing like that wouldn’t slow Don Hatton down Story and Photos by Trevor Marc Hughes The…

No Comments / 657 View / September 1, 2015


Small Wonders

If the sub-400 sport bikes available today had its own entry-level race class, which would be the winner? Story by Costa Mouzouris Photos by Pierre Desilets and Didier Constant Probably the most fun I’ve had while racing motorcycles was when…

No Comments / 381 View / September 1, 2015


Isle of Man TT Through the Lens

They say a picture tells a thousand words. We thought we’d share a few thousand words showing the diversity of the two-week Isle of Man TT race festival Story and Photos by Bill Petro Since 1907, the Isle of Man…

No Comments / 212 View / August 1, 2015

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