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Category : April 2018


Motorcycles, Guns & Beer

The full Texas experience Story by Misti Hurst I mean seriously, can it get any better? I thought to myself while dirt riding, shooting guns and drinking beer at the Texas Tornado Boot Camp. I laughed and crashed, dirtier and…

No Comments / 333 View / March 14, 2018


Still Setting Records

A brief history of the Vincent 998 cc V-twin brings us to the Ehret Vincent, arguably the most important Black Lightning in existence and one of the world’s most famous, and expensive, motorcycles Photos by: Kel Edge, Jack Ehret Archives…

No Comments / 302 View / March 14, 2018


Sandhills Surprise

Yes, Virginia, there are great motorcycle roads in Nebraska Story and Photos by Jamie Elvidge Okay, so Nebraska wasn’t high on my list of motorcycle destinations either, but research for a book I’m writing about America’s greatest roads required I…

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Japanese pop culture inspired this builder’s creation Story by Greg Williams Photos by Scott Wilson Having grown up on a farm in Alberta, Scott Wilson is familiar with making things work with what’s available. It’s that simple can-do attitude that…

No Comments / 455 View / March 14, 2018


Luxury Touring Just Got Better

Other than getting a few cosmetic changes over many years, the previous-generation Gold Wing needed a major upgrade. Honda knew it and did something about it in what might be one of the most important motorcycle releases of 2018. Story…

No Comments / 478 View / March 14, 2018


The Road to Nakusp

A history lesson of sorts led to a change of plans for this rider. Story and Photos by Trevor Marc Hughes I had been riding my BMW F650GS for four hours by the time I glimpsed Old Hedley Road. The…

No Comments / 224 View / March 14, 2018


Riding The Berkshires

Berkshire County offers fantastic roads for the motorcyclist and a rich past for the history buff Story by: Ron Keys Photos by Ron Keys and Berkshire Tourism The Massachusett people, meaning “by the range of hills,” roamed these valleys, flanked…

No Comments / 170 View / March 14, 2018

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