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Category : May/June 2008

Say What?

About Ken’s sticker article Hi Ken, I’ve just finished reading your Stickers article in the March/April edition of Motorcycle Mojo and it has prompted me to do something I have never done…write into a magazine. I am a 29 year…

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Hi, My Name is Suzanne …and I’m a Motorcyclist

Story and photos by Suzanne Payne To say that I’m an addict is somewhat of an understatement. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want a bike. As a little girl, I remember my excitement every time we went…

Comments Off on Hi, My Name is Suzanne …and I’m a Motorcyclist / 44 View / May 1, 2008

Long Way Down – John O’Groats to Capetown

Ewan McGregor & Charley Boorman A good book can always help fill the void when Mother Nature says ‘nada’ to Canadian motorcycle freedom. In this case, Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman come to the rescue with ‘Long Way Down,’ a…

Comments Off on Long Way Down – John O’Groats to Capetown / 80 View / May 1, 2008

Bruce Racing

Run Whatcha Brung

Story and photos by Bonnie Jones Victory takes 1st place in the Canadian Drag Series. One man’s need for speed bags him a first place finish.   Do you love to ride? Do you love to go fast? If you answered…

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Story by Suzanne Payne, photography by Preston Photography As I write this it’s late March and the snow is finally gone. Well, at least most of it. After a good ol’ fashion maritime winter which saw record snowfalls in Moncton,…

Comments Off on Atlanticade / 160 View / May 1, 2008

Practicing Crashing

Could a motorcycle rider practice crash causing riding techniques to prevent crashing? What I mean is, if traction loss on a wet or gravel road is the cause of a crash—could practicing sliding the rear wheel actually help to prevent…

Comments Off on Practicing Crashing / 205 View / May 1, 2008

Seven Turns

It’s March 15, and I’m once again at the airport, heading to Vancouver. We just had another blast of winter which crippled Toronto Pearson Airport two days earlier. Luckily today is cold but clear with not a speck of snow…

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Mike and Al’s Big Adventure

story and photos by Michael Poplett I figure that once a guy’s odometer rolls over fifty, he gets the chance to become somewhat philosophical about the passions in his life. I have three; a hand-crafted guitar and the wonderful sounds…

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