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Category : November 2018


Too Much of a Good Thing

With budgets cut, there were only so many ways to make the Manx Norton competitive, albeit unrideable. Story by: Alan Cathcart Photos by: Kel Edge The Manx Norton has no rivals for the accolade of being the ultimate British racing single…

No Comments / 257 View / October 17, 2018


A Schoolboy’s Dream

A small boy’s dream evolves into his lifelong love of motorcycles. Story by Don Querido The bus was stopped at the intersection. A small boy sat on the upper deck at the right front seat, staring at the showroom of…

No Comments / 134 View / October 17, 2018


Move to the Top of the List

A ride on BMW’s most powerful bike to date reveals astonishing acceleration and handling. Story by Misti Hurst Photos by: My first glimpse of the BMW HP4 Race was earlier this year during a California Superbike School (CSS) event….

No Comments / 161 View / October 17, 2018


My Stuff is Good Stuff

It’s not really hoarding if everything has a home, is it? Story and Photos by David G. Williams My wife is often after me to get rid of stuff.  My stuff. Not her stuff. For example, cars and motorcycles. I…

No Comments / 66 View / October 17, 2018


Summer Love

Central Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountain Range takes us by surprise Story and Photos by Jamie Elvidge I wasn’t looking for love when I rode up into Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountain Range last summer. I wasn’t looking for late night s’mores, the perfect…

No Comments / 275 View / October 17, 2018


Third Time Lucky

Due to a recurring breakdown, it took years to finally get to their destination. Story by Lisa Morris Photos by Jason Spafford “I’m done. Get. Me. Out. Of. Here.” Naively, I thought you had to see it to believe it….

No Comments / 477 View / October 17, 2018


Midsize Maestro

A new urban commuter with a penchant for highway travel Story by: Alan Cathcart Photos by: Daniel Kraus and Arnold Debus It’s been exactly seven years since BMW Motorrad re-entered the personal transportation sector, after coming to the party a…

No Comments / 880 View / October 17, 2018

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