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1903 Harley 001

Silk Purse from a Sow’s Ear…

Story and photos by Stu Seaton In 2003, during the hundredth anniversary year of Harley-Davidson’s existence, a gent by the name of Emery Groen had an idea. He was wandering about imagining what it would be like to build his…

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Singing in the Rain

do you talk to yourself when riding? I do, although not loud enough for anyone to hear me. I try to concentrate on the road and traffic demands by keeping a mental dialogue going with myself. I know what you…

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Canadian Biker Build-Off

“Congratulations to all the builders. It must have been hard for the public to determine who should be victorious. All the bikes entered were phenomenal and deserved to win.”   the Canadian Biker Build-Off completed its third year on July…

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Debbie Evans

Story by Christine Tabler, photos supplied by Debbie Evans A few issues back, Clinton Smout wrote an article about stunt riding in a movie (Nov./Dec. 2006) and it got me thinking about motorcycle stunt riders. One of the most exciting…

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Ending Summer With a 4-Day Rocking Party! Digby Wharf Rat Rally, Nova Scotia

the highly successful Third Annual Wharf Rat Rally took place in the host town of Digby, Nova Scotia over the Labour Day long-weekend. This is the fastest growing and most exciting rally “down east”, and the 4-day event attracted over…

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New Large Wheels Available from Hawgzotic

Hawgzotic Custom Cycles in Langley, BC has developed a three-piece wheel system for 24-inch front and 21-inch rear wheels to fit Metzeler tires. At this time, Metzeler is the only manufacturer to produce this size rubber and Hawgzotic worked closely…

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Third Wheel Trailers

Introducing the latest in luggage accessories for all motorcycles, from the sport bike to the big cruiser. A Third Wheel Trailer will not only carry all your essentials but also allow you to enjoy the ride freely. With nothing in…

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Family Jewels

I have just completed a restoration of a military version of the James ML as used by Canadian Paratroops and of course the ‘Brits’ in 1943-44. From start to finish was 30 months, but I was also working on my…

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